2018 Wedding Cake Trends

2018 Wedding Cake Trends – Upscale Rustic


What are the hottest 2018 Wedding Cake Trends?

Well my 2018 wedding season is about to start and it’s gonna be a doozy!   I am seeing some definite trends in what brides are asking for this year, some are carrying over from last year and some are new, fresh and exciting!

I recently had the honor of participating in a fabulous cake collaboration curated by Liz Marek from Sugar Geek Show, 2018 Cake Trends – The Collaboration.  Liz brought together 15 amazing cake artists to create their vision of some of the most popular 2018 wedding cake trends.


wedding cake trends 2018


 The NEW Rustic

The trend I represented is ‘The NEW Rustic”.  I also like to call it Upscale Rustic (sounds so chic).  This theme was absolutely perfect for me. I live in an area where rustic themed weddings are the norm.  Mendocino is a rugged and rural area on the northern coast of California.  Most venues are beautiful, old wooden barns, natural forested settings or on the cliffs of the rugged northern California coast line.  Rustic style just fits with the natural beauty of the area. 

Lately many of my brides are stepping up their vision of a rustic styled wedding and trending away from just a simple rustic styled cake. We are designing beautiful dessert tables that include several smaller, complimentary styled cakes along with multiple dessert options for their guests.


2018 Wedding Cake Trends


  Traditional rustic cake designs like textured buttercream finishes and semi-naked cakes are getting a make over with trendy colors, gold accents and dramatic florals. 


2018 Wedding Cake Trends


Decadent drip cakes are still a hot item but they are getting piled with loads of fresh fruit and berries and drizzled with fresh fruit sauces and compotes like my Fresh Raspberry Compote.


2018 Wedding Cake Trends


Piles of fresh berries and fruit add a luscious and decadent element while abundant fresh floral decorations complete the lovely, natural style.  Everything gets touched with accents of edible gold.


2018 Wedding Cake Trends


2018 Wedding Cake Trends


Dessert Tables are still A Huge Trend!


2018 Wedding Cake Trends


Intricate pies are the newest addition to the line up.   A decidedly rustic option but we are bumping up the style factor with decorative crusts and fresh floral accents.  Pssstt!! I will have a tutorial for these fancy pies in the near future, stay tuned!


2018 Wedding Cake Trends


Pretty treats like fancy French macarons and chocolate dipped strawberries are bringing a touch of elegance to the rustic style.  Check out my tutorial for beautiful Marbled Chocolate Dipped Strawberries!


2018 Wedding Cake Trends


2018 Wedding Cake Trends


Look out for new trends!

I also predict that the wildly popular Cream Tart will make it’s debut onto the 2018 wedding Cake Trend list as well!  Cream Tarts will be a perfect fit with a luscious styled wedding dessert table.  I have a great recipe and tutorial for this decadent Chocolate Raspberry Cream Tart.


2018 Wedding Cake Trends


Needless to say I think rustic wedding cakes and dessert tables are as popular as ever!  I think the new upscale style will be inspiring many brides and cake artists this season. 


2018 Wedding Cake Trends


Be sure to jump over and check out the fantastic 2018 Cake Trends Collaboration!  You don’t want to miss out on this because there is actually a free tutorial posted with every cake!  How cool is that?!

What trends do you see for 2018.  Anything new and exciting?  What trends would you like to see?   What trends do you wish would disappear? Let me know in the comments, Inquiring minds want to know!

Happy 2018 Wedding Season my caker friends!

Have a Sweet Day!


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