Evenly Dividing Cake Batter in Your Pans


Hey sweet friends!  I’ve got a quick tip for you today.

This is about quickly and evenly dividing cake batter in your pans to get all your cake layers exactly the same size.

It’s Easy Peasy!!

Here is a little video demo I did for you.


  1. Weigh your mixing bowl and take note of it’s weight

2. Once you have your batter mixed, weigh the bowl with the batter in it.

3. Now subtract the weight of your bowl.  This gives you the exact weight of your mixed batter

4. Divide the weight of you batter with however many cake pans you want to divide it into. This tells you how much cake batter to pour into each pan

5. Put your cake pan on the scale and tare (zero) the scale

6. Pour in the amount of cake batter you figured

7. Repeat 5 & 6 for all your cake pans

That’s it!!  That is my method for quickly and evenly dividing cake batter into my pans.

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Have A Sweet Day!

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