Steampunk heart cake

Gravity Defying Steampunk Heart Cake


Heeeyyy Sweet Friends!  Happy New Year!!  I hope 2018 is treating you all well so far.

So I did this thing.  A steampunk-y kind of thing.

And then I did it again, but even cooler.

My family and I kind of love anything Steampunk.  And my husbands family have always collected hearts as kind of their family symbol, my husband included.   So last year I made him a pretty cool gravity defying, hanging steampunk heart cake.  My favorite part is the super funky metallic finish, all weathered and cracked.

Steampunk Heart Cake


Fast forward to this year and my son’s 12th birthday.  He got got the upgraded version.


Steampunk heart cake


And I think he liked it a little bit.  Kind of hard to tell from this photo.  He’s 12…nuff said.


steampunk heart cake


Some close up details for your viewing pleasure.


Steampunk heart cake


Steampunk heart cake


Soooo…  I made a tutorial for you guys!  Wanna peek?



**aahhheem – speaking in my commercial voice**

“Learn to make this super cool, gravity defying, hanging Steampunk heart cake with wings!  In this almost 2 hour, in depth video tutorial you will learn how to make the hanging structure, intricate gear wings complete with wafer paper feathers, how to carve a perfect 3D heart out of cake and finish it with a funky, patina-ed metallic finish.”

Now I’m kind of wondering what my commercial voice sounds like in YOUR head, lol!

Here is the link >>>  Hanging Steampunk Heat Cake Tutorial.   Or pop on over to my tutorial shop. and have a browse.

Now go Steampunk all the things!!


Steampunk heart cake


Have A Sweet Day!



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