Mother's Day Cookies

How to Make Beautiful Mother’s Day Cookies


Hello Sweet Friends!!  Would you like to make some beautiful Mother’s Day Cookies for your mom this year?

mother's day cookie tutorial

What To Get Your Mom For Mother’s Day?

Finding a unique and wonderful gift to celebrate your mom every year can be hard.  But what Mom wouldn’t LOVE to receive these beautiful and delicious cookies as a special treat on Mother’s Day?  Especially if it’s something YOU made just for her!


mother's day cookie tutorial


That’s why I put together this in depth tutorial.  I think the best gifts are something hand made just for your mom.  These cookies may look super fancy and crazy hard but they are not!  It’s all about technique, and they are actually quite simple.  I will walk you through every step in the creation of these beautiful Mother’s Day Cookies.  This video is packed full of recipes, tips & tricks and a bunch of different techniques and cookie designs.  FULL video tutorial at the bottom of this post.


mother's day cookie tutorial


These cookies may look super fancy and crazy hard but they are not!



It is kind of a master class on decorating fancy sugar cookies. For FREE!!  Each of the different techniques I teach can be used in so many ways for other cookie designs and themes.


mother's day cookie tutorial


You will want to start by making a batch of my No-Spread Rolled Sugar Cookie Recipe.  I like to make it the day before and have it ready to go,  plan ahead, this does need at least a few hours in the fridge before rolling and baking.

You will also need a batch of Royal Icing for Cookie Decorating.  You can prepare this while your cookies are chilling and baking, it doesn’t take long.

Do you need anything special for this Mother’s Day Cookies project?

  1. You will need cookie cutters.  Obviously you don’t HAVE to use the exact cookie cutters I did.  You can choose any shapes and sizes.  But if you do want some of the ones I used, here are a few links to the ones I have. (Click on the photos for links to the items).


2. Edible Gold Luster Dust.

3. Meringue Powder

4. Gel food coloring is also helpful but not required. You can use standard food coloring as well

5. Isomalt; For Kaleidoscope cookies.  Or you can just do a regular “O” cookie and not make it a kaleidoscope cookie


6. Optional – Sugar Lace


or make your own


7. Small fondant flower mold


And don’t forget the Awesome sprinkles!!!  I LOVE to get my sprinkles from Sprinkle Pop.  You can even get custom sprinkle mixes made just for you by sending in a color palette.  That’s what I did for these Mother’s Day Cookies!  So you won’t find this exact mix on the site, but you can send in the same color palette I sent and get this exact custom mix if these are the colors you want to make your  Mother’s Day cookies!


mother's day cookie tutorial


Once you have everything you need here is the full video tutorial you can follow step by step on how to make beautiful Mother’s Day Cookies.

It can also be viewed directly on Youtube Here.



See, now doesn’t that look fun and not too difficult?  When you break things down to a step by step process you realize that they really are quite do-able!  I hope you will give them a try!

For the full Kaleidoscope Cookie Ornament tutorial check out this >> Post


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Have A Sweet Day!

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