how to make a pretty decorated pie

How To Make A Pretty Decorated Pie – Fancy Pie Tutorial


Let’s make a pretty decorated pie!

Alright Sweet Friends!  I’ve had this one in the queue for quite a while!  But I finally had the time to get it all together!

It’s Fancy Pie time!  WooHoo!

how to make a fancy pie


It’s been a bit of a process because I didn’t want to just drop the “how to” video tutorial on you guys without the supporting recipes for my Perfect Pie Crust and my all time favorite Apple Huckleberry Pie!

And so this one is kind of a three-fer.   Nothing wrong with that, right?!

Sooo… who likes pie?  I LIKE PIE!  <<< I had to stick that in here because when I think of pie I think of my nephew.  When he was little that was his favorite saying.  “I like pie”. I even had a t-shirt printed for him. So this one is for you Pat!

OK now onward to the sweet stuff.

how to make a fancy pie

Recipes you will need for A Pretty Decorated Pie

I have linked my >>> Perfect Pie Crust recipe <<< which is ideal for these decorative pies.  It’s the perfect balance between the richness and flavor of a butter crust and the beautiful flakiness of a shortening crust.  It is also very quick and easy.  Using a food processor instead of cutting the butter & shortening in by hand makes for a simple and quick crust.   It has the added benefit of being a more even texture so it is better suited to working into fancy details like lattice and intricate patterned crusts.

I have also posted my delicious >>> Apple Huckleberry Pie recipe <<<.  This can also be made with blackberries instead of huckleberries or any other berries of your choice.  Because berries and apples just GO together, so you really can’t go wrong.  This recipe is a mouthwatering blend of sweet-tart apples and luscious berries in a buttery flakey crust.  Sound good?  It is!!

These two recipes are perfect for making pretty decorated pies. But you can also use your own favorite pie filling recipe if you prefer.  Just be aware that super flaky, all butter crusts are a little tricky to work with making these fancy pies.  So it’s best to stick with my pie crust recipe for pretty decorated pie.

Here is the video tutorial for the whole process.  You will want to make up a batch of my perfect pie crust and the pie filling of your choice.  Then follow along and make a beautiful pie!



Happy pie making guys!

Have a sweet day!


  1. What a nice pie! Every time I try this kind of pie, my filling bubbles through my dough holes and it results in a very messy end result. In the middle it is fine and beautiful, but around the edges my beautiful patterns are totally covered in filling 🙁 Any ideas on how to avoid this?

    • Thank you Magalie! That is something that is a bit tricky to deal with. It’s hard to know how much juices the fruits are going to release. I add a few tablespoons of flour and a few tablespoons of corn starch to thicken the juices. I also don’t overfill the pie with fruit. It makes for a flatter pie but you don’t have as much juice to boil over that way. Good luck!

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