Heart shaped Valentines macaron cream tarts recipe & tutorial

Valentine’s Macaron Cream Tarts


Have you been searching for the perfect Valentine’s treat? Well search no more!  How about beautiful and delicious Valentine’s Macaron Cream Tarts?!

Heart shaped Valentines macaron cream tarts recipe & tutorial


I remember last year at this time the wildfire popularity of the Cream Tart or Tart Sablé ( you know I hopped on that bandwagon with a recipe and tutorial <<< click) Well,  this year I decided to put a twist on it!

And so I have a quick tutorial for you guys today!   These sweet heart shaped macaron cream tarts are the prefect  treat for Valentines day!   And, it is tying right in to the last few recipes I put up, so it’s perfect timing!


Heart shaped Valentines macaron cream tarts recipe & tutorial

Instead of the heart shaped patè sablè tart crust,  I decided to make a large macaron heart and fill it with all the goodies.


Heart shaped Valentines macaron cream tarts recipe & tutorial

How do you make macaron cream tarts?

I’ll show you!  I have a quick video tutorial on how to do the macaron hearts and put together these beautiful and delicious little tarts below.  But first you are going to need to pop over and watch my Easy Macaron Recipe & Tutorial.   You will use that to make your batter and for the baking instructions.  BTW,  I’m not kidding when I call it EASY!  Seriously, go check it out!

You will also need a batch of my raspberry chocolate ganache and a batch of my raspberry compote cake filling. You can make these while your macarons are drying.  And you will also want a piping bag full of sweetened whipped cream.  You can either just make a standard whipped cream with a little powdered sugar and vanilla or you can bump up the decadent factor and make a batch f my divine chocolate whipped cream.

One thing you do want to do ahead of time is have a heart shaped template for a guide when you are piping the macarons.  I have created the perfect sized heart template for you to use.  Print them out and have them ready.

Click here to download the template >>> Macaron cream tart template

photo of heart shaped macaron cream tart template


Now pop on over to my Easy Macaron Tutorial and follow the video recipe for the macaron batter, then come back here and watch the video below for piping the heart macarons and finishing these lovely tarts!



Heart shaped Valentines macaron cream tarts recipe & tutorial


That’s it!!   So pretty and yummy!


PS;  I am working on my list of recipes and tutorials i want to make for you guys this year.  Let me know in the comments what you would like to see me do!


Have a sweet day!


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  1. I just made macarons for the first time this weekend. They were a total blunder for me, but I think I know the major issues with my batch, so I feel confident about a second try. Once I get that figured out, I have to try this! So beautiful and tasty!

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