modern buttercream wedding cake tutorial

Modern Buttercream & Fresh Flowers Wedding Cake Tutorial


Happy Summer cakey friends!! I hope you all are having a great summer so far!   I’ve been working double time with my crazy wedding cake schedule and still trying to keep up with making you guys some great cake decorating tutorials and recipes.  It’s already been a jam packed wedding season and it’s only just started.  But I have so many cool tutorial ideas rattling around in my head I just have to get them out, lol!

Soooo, my newest cake decorating tutorial is up and in the shop! WooHoo!

Modern Buttercream & Fresh Flowers Wedding Cake Tutorial is packed full of great techniques you will be able to use in many other custom cake creations.

learn to make a modern buttercream wedding cake with fresh flowers tutorial

For this tutorial I wanted to focus on a few fundamental cake decorating techniques that can actually be a little challenging to master.

It’s funny how sometimes, something that seems like it should be so simple can end up being such a pain in the butt!  Well, maybe not so funny, more like frustrating!  Then you discover a few little tricks that make all the difference and it’s such a relief!

Modern Buttercream Techniques

This Modern Buttercream & Fresh Flowers Wedding Cake Tutorial will take you step by step through my method for getting the smoothest, dreamiest  buttercream finish on your cakes.  Plus the cleanest, sharpest edges. It’s not at all difficult when you know a few little tricks.  And with a little practice it will become a breeze!

modern buttercream wedding cake tutorial

Now that’s a crisp clean buttercream finish!  Once you have practiced this technique it will be so quick and easy to do!  You will need to use Swiss meringue buttercream for this and you can grab my recipe here.

I’m also going to show you how I create a really cool rough, marbled stone texture with buttercream.  I love this organic and modern looking texture.  It is right on trend and perfect for many styles of cakes from rustic to modern.

modern buttercream wedding cake tutorial


All About Fresh Flowers

In Modern Buttercream & Fresh Flowers Wedding Cake Tutorial I will also be going in depth about safely decorating cakes with fresh flowers.   I am a HUGE advocate for SAFELY decorating with fresh flowers! I can’t tell you how many times I have seen someone in a cake group asking about how to add flowers to a cake, and sometimes the advice that is given makes me cringe a little.  In this tutorial I am going to show you a method I have developed for choosing non-toxic flowers that are safe to use, how to clean and properly prepare these conventional fresh flowers and how to decorate your cakes with them.  Safety First!  The last thing you want is for someone to get sick from eating your cake, yikes!

You will also learn my method for making the beautiful fresh flower cake risers that sit between tiers of cake and make it look like your cake is floating on a bed of flowers.   I love this elegant look.  And it’s perfect for any style of wedding cake.

modern buttercream wedding cake tutorial


Fun New Chocolate Techniques!

And last but not least – learn how to make my crinkle texture chocolate waves.  This is such a cool technique that can be adapted to many different styles and colors.  I was playing around in my kitchen one day and came up with this technique.  I couldn’t wait to have the perfect design to use them on.  It’s such a fun easy technique you are going to want to design new projects just so you can make different versions of these yummy, free form decorations.  I can imagine so many cool things you could do with them!

modern buttercream wedding cake tutorial

You can hop on over to my tutorial shop and grab this Modern Buttercream & Fresh Flowers Wedding Cake Tutorial  <<< link.


I also have a little bonus for you! When you purchase this tutorial, you will get a 20% discount code for my Safely Decorating Cakes With Fresh Flowers Identification Guide! I created this 26 page, full color flower identification guide specifically for cake decorators to help identify which flowers are non-toxic and safe to use on cakes and which are toxic and should never be used.  It is a PDF download you can have on your phone for quickly figuring out what flowers you have and if you can use them on your cake.  It’s a super handy guide for all cake decorators who use fresh flowers.


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stargazer lily sugar flower tutorial


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