Myths & Legends cake collaboration

Myths and Legends – A Collaboration of Sugar Art


Hello Sweet Friends!

Would you like to see some absolutely fantastic sugar art?

Today I really wanted to share with you a very special project I put together.  It is something close to my heart and I labored many hours over it’s creation.  With the help of some incredibly talented sugar artists of course!

Last Year I organized a really cool cake collaboration called Myths and Legends ~ a collaboration of sugar art.

  ~ 21 International sugar artists bring to life symbolic and compelling tales from long ago that have survived the ages.  Stories that once upon a time were believed to be true but are today limited to the sphere of Myths and Legends. ~

Myths & Legends cake collaboration
Artemis by Jancita Perkins of Kidacity


“I find artists do their best work when they have total creative freedom.”


When I decided to organize a cake collaboration I instantly knew this would make an amazing theme.  I gathered sugar artists from all over the world who were very excited about the possibilities it presented.  I chose people based on the style of work I had seen them create in the past.  Particularly people who were fantastic at 3d sculpted work, though I did not require that they create 3d sculpted pieces.  I really didn’t want to put any limitations or requirements on what they created.  I find artists do their best work when they have total creative freedom.


Myths & Legends cake collaboration
Leshi- Keeper of the Grove by Isabel Tamargo of Tartas Imposibles


I started this collaboration back in November of 2014.  My goal was to give a lot of time for people to research and choose something they were really excited about.  I know from experience that if your subject is exciting to you or that you have a special connection with, that you tend to put more of your heart and soul into your creation.  I wanted that for this collaboration.


Myths & Legends cake collaboration
Merlin – by Shani Christenson of Shani’s Sweet Creations (Shani’ Sweet Art)


There are endless inspiration ideas out there from every culture.  I was hoping some of the artists would choose to feature stories from their own cultures, something close to their heart that would inspire them to create something very special.  I really wanted this to be a gathering of beautiful art celebrating early cultures and ideas, stunning artistic creations that just happened to be made of sugar.  The artists I have gathered are fantastic at their craft and truly brought some epic creations to life.


Myths & Legends cake collaboration
Hippocampus by Elysia Smith of Steel Penny Cakes


It was such an honor working with all of these amazingly talented artists and I am so proud of the crazy cool collaboration we put together!

You should seriously go check out our website Myths and Legends ~ a collaboration of sugar art and read about all of these fascinating Myths & Legends.  You can also see some close up photos of the fabulous details on all of these pieces.  They are true works of art.




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