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strawberry compote recipe

The BEST Cake Filling Recipe – Fresh Fruit Compote

Hello Sweet Friends!    Today I have a great recipe for you.  Fresh Fruit or Berry Compote.   Doesn’t that look mouthwateringly delicious?! This is my Go To recipe when I need a delicious fruit filling for my cakes.  It couldn’t be quicker or easier.  Best of all is perfect […]

Cake decorating tools

5 Must Have Cake Decorating Tools

I want to tell you about some cake decorating tools I’m kicking myself that I didn’t buy sooner. I guess I am a minimalist when it comes to cake decorating tools.  Well, I am addicted to cake tool shopping as much as the next caker (I feel like a dragon […]

Chocolate dipped strawberries

Beautiful Marbled Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Look and these beauties!  One of my most favorite things in all the world to eat is Chocolate Dipped Strawberries (add a glass of champagne and I am in heaven!).  And these are all dressed up and ready for a party too!  These lovely Chocolate Dipped Strawberries are another beautiful addition […]

Chocolate whipped cream recipe

Fresh Chocolate Whipped Cream

Have you ever had fresh CHOCOLATE whipped cream?  Because you totally should!   There is something so ultra decadent about topping your dessert with a rich, chocolaty fresh whipped cream.  I can think of a TON of things that would be bumped to the next level of awesome by a […]

Evenly Dividing Cake Batter in Your Pans

Hey sweet friends!  I’ve got a quick tip for you today. This is about quickly and evenly dividing cake batter in your pans to get all your cake layers exactly the same size. It’s Easy Peasy!! Here is a little video demo I did for you.   Weigh your mixing bowl and take note […]