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Parchment Circles Hack ~ Shani’s Tips & Tricks


Parchment Circles Hack Coming Your Way!

Ok confession time.  You know those pesky parchment circles for the bottom of your cake pans?  For some weird reason I have an aversion to cutting those out.  Weird.  I know.  But there are some things in life that just hit the wrong note with me.  Oddly, that is one of them.  I would procrastinate baking a cake because I was dreading cutting the parchment circles.  Maybe I need therapy, I don’t know.

But actually a really good thing came out of this weird aversion.  My parchment circle hack!  I think you will like it too.


Shani’s Parchment Circle Hack


I stack 6 sheets of parchment at a time.  If you do much more than that it’s hard to cut through them all at once.

My rotary cutter is one of my favorite tools!   This is a great set to have, so handy for so many things.

Here are the other tools and supplies I keep on hand for cutting parchment circles.


Hope this helps you all!  Now I take about half an hour and cut out all the parchment circles I will need for the month.  Whew!  It really makes my brain feel better when I have them all done and ready to grab and bake!  Let me know what you think in the comments.

~ Have a Sweet Day!!


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