The Perfect Mash-up of Current Hot Cake Trends


It’s All About Hot Cake Trends.

I’m talking naked cakes here.  And barely dressed cakes (a.k.a. semi-naked cakes, but I kinda like how barely dressed sounds a little bit sweet & flirty, oh la la`!).


Hot cake trends mash-up cake


Hot cake trends mash-up cake


Oh and drip cakes, of course!  Because they are HOT HOT HOT right now, right?


Hot cake trends mash-up cake


Hot cake trends mash-up cake

Are you drooling yet?


And how about those beauties that are piled high with yummy treats like macarons and chocolate truffles and candy? All. The. Rage.


Hot cake trends mash-up cake


The Perfect Mash-up of Current Hot Cake Trends


But I think the Queen of trending cake styles right now might be buttercream flower cakes.


Hot cake trends mash-up cake


My attempts at pipped buttercream flowers are amateur compared to some of my favorite buttercream artists like Ivenoven.  There are some true STUNNERS out there.  Hot cake trends indeed!


hot cake trends mash-up
Floral Buttercream cake by Ivenoven


I know, I know, some of you out there might be SICK of seeing these trendy styles and wish the cake world would move along already!   But I have to admit that I’m still kind of in love with them all!  Not just because I think they are very pretty.  I think the main reason I love these beauties is that to me they look DELICIOUS!  I WANT TO EAT THEM ALL.  So much more appetizing looking than a fondant covered cake heavily laden with fancy fondant decorations.


Hot cake trends mash-up cake

Don’t get me wrong,  I LOVE seeing the artistry of highly decorated cakes.  It’s what I do, and I am addicted to creating those elaborate works of edible art.  But when I’m looking at one of those masterpieces my brain doesn’t start screaming at me to dive in and chow down.  Ya know what I mean?

So, I’m still lovin’ me some naked, semi-naked, drip and buttercream flower cakes.  When I want to make a delicious looking cake, one of these styles are my go to, for sure.

That’s why I created this particular cake to offer for a Mother’s Day Special. Because I wanted something that was not only a beautiful gift for Mom but also made you want to dig in!  It’s the prefect mash-up of all those delicious looking, trendy cake styles, all in one.  

Ta Da!

 Hot cake trends mash-up cake

Meet my barely dressed, drippy, buttercream flower & yummy treats cake.

Had to get ALL the trends in there.  It’s a lemon zest sponge cake filled with fresh blueberry compote, barely dressed with lemon Swiss meringue buttercream and drizzled with a white chocolate passionfruit ganache drip.  Topped off with passionfruit white chocolate macarons, buttercream flowers and fresh blueberries.  Whew!  That is a mouthful (but oh what a wonderfully delicious mouthful!)

Hot cake trends mash-up cake

And of course it looks SUPER scrumptious on the inside too!

Hot cake trends mash-up cake

These cakes are all about the drool factor.

hot cake trends mash-up cake

Is your sweet tooth screaming at you yet?

What do you think?  Are you tired of these trendy cakes?  Or would you like to see this eye candy stick around a little longer?

Have A Sweet Day!


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  1. How fun!!!! And beautiful! I make wedding and shower cakes for friends and family and am itching for someone to ask for a drip cake! Or a naked cake. So simplistic and beautiful!!!

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