Flower Identification Guide for Cake Decorators- *PDF Download*


A 30 page, full color guide to help you choose and properly prepare fresh flowers to decorate your cakes.  Identify flowers that are safe to use and flowers that poisonous and should never be used on a cake.  Learn to clean, properly prepare and safely decorate your cake with beautiful fresh flowers.

~ Note: this is a digital PDF download.  It is not a physical item ~



Flower Identification Guide for Cake Decorators – Safely Decorating Cakes With Fresh Flowers Tutorial – PDF Download Version

*** New updated Version!***  New Quick Reference Guide and many more flowers added!

Who doesn’t love the look of fresh flowers on a beautiful cake? It’s always been a staple in the wedding cake industry. But commercial flowers are not safe to use on a food product unless they are properly cleaned and prepared. Just think of all those chemicals and pesticides they were sprayed with to keep bugs off and the buckets of water they sit in at the florists are full bacteria. You don’t want that touching your cake.

With this 30 page Digital PDF tutorial you will learn how to properly clean and prepare fresh flowers for safe cake decorating. Not all flowers can be used on a cake, there are many popular wedding flowers that are poisonous and should never be on a cake. This is a full color photo guide to help you identify all those flowers so you know which ones are safe to use . If you want to use fresh flowers to decorate your cakes it is very important to do it safely, let me show you how.

For a video demonstration of the process check out this post >>> Click Here

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~ Note: this is a digital PDF download.  It is not a physical item ~


If you would like the hard copy booklet version, please go here >>> Hard Copy Booklet VERSION <<<

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