easy sugar rose tutorial

How to Make a Quick & Easy Sugar Rose


Hey Sweet friends!  I know,  It’s been all quiet on the Sweet Art front lately!  That’s because I’m smack dab in the middle of wedding cake season, and it’s a doozy!  Might as well have locked me in the cake studio and thrown away the key.  I still have another two months before I can come up for air.  *gasp*

But I happened to be in the middle of a large sugar rose production at the moment and thought I would shoot out a quick tutorial for you guys!  Yay, I get to blog for a minute!  I have a little video tutorial for you at the end of this post 🙂

easy sugar rose tutorial

So this is my process for when I need to produce a ton of sugar roses in a short amount of time.  These are also a great option to have when you have a client on a budget.  These are a quicker, more basic version of my normal sugar roses.


Easy sugar rose tutorial


I use a 1″ styrofoam ball that I purchase in bulk on Amazon for the centers. They are way cheaper than buying polystyrene cones form a cake supplier and no rolling gum paste cones and waiting for them to dry.  The styro centers are also much lighter and help your roses not weigh so much which is always a concern with gum paste flowers.  I color my whole batch of gum paste as I am making it so that is also a time saver.  I use the Nicholas Lodge gum paste recipe.  You can get it for free on Craftsy Here.  This is super economical compared to buying pre-made gum paste and it’s very quick to make.  These are the rose petal cutters I like for this project Here.


Easy sugar rose tutorial


Here are some more time and money saving tricks I use. 1. rolling my gum paste thinner so I use less gum paste and the roses dry quicker (and they are lighter). 2. I don’t vein the petals. 3. I do fewer layers of petals and a more “open” rose. 4. I do not petal dust the flowers. 5.  I don’t put a calyx on them.

When I am in production mode I will complete each step on all of the roses before moving on to the next step.  i.e. glue all the centers at once, make all the center cone petals at once etc. It definitely speeds up the process.

Check out my video where I take you through the process and let me know how you like it!!



Have a Sweet Day!




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  1. Beautiful! I love all your tutorials…thank you!!

  2. The link for lodge gumpaste free on craftsy takes you to Amazon styrofoam balls

  3. Do you have a link to the larger white foam mat used during the tutorial? And I may have missed it, but what size floral wire did you use? Thanks

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