Chocolate Raspberry Cream Tart Recipe


Have you guys seen those beautiful fruit and cream tarts shaped like letters and numbers popping up all over the place all of a sudden?  Talk about a wildfire trend!  I mean, I know they are not a new thing, the’ve been around for years, but holy moly they just went crazy popular all of a sudden!!

chocolate raspberry cream tart

Soooo….  I did it.  I admit it.  I hopped right on that bandwagon and made my version, a Chocolate Raspberry Cream Tart.  I don’t actually know what their official name is or if they even have one, but I’ve been seeing them called Cream Tarts so we’ll go with that.

chocolate raspberry cream tart


And they are essentially a fruit tart.  Made with a pâte sablée which is a French pastry dough made with some almond flour in it. It makes a lovely sweet and crumbly tart crust.  The luscious dollops of cream you see is a diplomat cream, which is a mix of pastry cream and whipped cream.

When I fist saw one of these tarts of course I fell in love instantly, how could you not!  They just look so beautifully fresh AND delicious!  Of course I had all kinds of questions.  Was it cake?  Was it cookies? What was the frosting looking stuff?  How do you make it?  And I saw everyone asking all the same questions on social media.  So my friend Liz Marek over on Sugar Geek Show jumped right on it and got us some answers.  She put together a video tutorial, recipes and template pronto!!  You can find her free recipe and tutorial for the vanilla and lemon version over on Sugar Geek Show (link at the end of post),  my recipe revision is below.


chocolate raspberry cream tart


Well… my birthday was coming up and I decided to make myself one for a birthday treat.  But I wanted chocolate, no I NEEDED chocolate on my birthday.  So I modified the recipes and made a chocolate pâte sablée and a chocolate diplomat cream.  I also decided to just bump the decadence factor up a notch by adding a raspberry dark chocolate ganache and fresh raspberry compote.

*Insert angels singing and golden light streaming down from above*

O.M.G!  It was heavenly!  Topped off with chocolate and raspberry French macarons, fresh raspberries, strawberries and Godiva dark chocolate hearts.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

I started out making the Chocolate pâte sablée (recipe below). I substituted some of the flour with cocoa powder and bumped up the sugar a bit to compensate for the bitter cocoa.  The first batch I made I used too much cocoa powder and the dough became too crumbly. Second try was a charm, reducing the cocoa powder a bit and adding a touch more butter.  It still cracked a little when rolling it out but it was manageable.  Don’t forget that this dough will need to be refrigerated for at least one hour before rolling out, preferable overnight, so plan ahead.

chocolate raspberry cream tart

This dough needs to be rolled pretty thin, 1/8″ thick is best.  I like to use 2 bamboo skewers on either side when I’m rolling it out for a guide and to get an even thickness.


chocolate raspberry cream tart

Cut out your desired shape.  I made a template using a piece of poster board.  You can print out large letters with your printer or free hand a fun shape.


chocolate raspberry cream tart


Put your shapes onto parchment paper on cookie sheets and chill in the freezer for 10 minutes before baking


chocolate raspberry cream tart

Prep out all your toppings along with the chocolate diplomat cream, and a batch of raspberry ganache (recipes below).  This will also require a batch of my Chocolate Whipped Cream (adding gelatin as a stabilizer as instructed in the recipe) and a batch of Fresh Raspberry Compote (recipes are linked).  Put the diplomat cream in a piping bag with a round piping tip.  A wilton #2A is perfect for this job.

Now let’s build a beautiful tart!!


chocolate raspberry cream tart

First glue your tart crust down to the plate with a little of the ganache.  That way it’s not all loosey goosey sliding around on you while you are trying to work.  Then spread a nice layer of the raspberry ganache on the the crust.


chocolate raspberry cream tart

Then spread a layer of the raspberry compote.


chocolate raspberry cream tart


Now pipe concentric dots of the diplomat cream over the whole surface.


chocolate raspberry cream tart


chocolate raspberry cream tart


Gently put your next tart layer on top and repeat the above steps.


Now the best part!


chocolate raspberry cream tart

Start adding your fruit, treats and fresh flower decorations.  Be sure to choose non-toxic flowers and prepare them for food safety.  If you are unsure how to do that check out my post on Safely decorating Your Cakes With Fresh Flowers ( <<< link).

Get creative with the treats!  I used french macarons and chocolate hearts but things like Cream Puffs, chocolate dipped strawberries  ( <<< check out my tutorial on fancy schmancy chocolate dipped strawberries!) and delicious truffles would be awesome too!


chocolate raspberry cream tart


These beauties are best when enjoyed that day but will keep in the fridge up to 2 days. If you use any cut up fruit or berries you can brush them with warmed apricot jam to seal the fruit and preserve it a little longer.


I hope you get to make one of these soon, they are such a fun and pretty treat!  Be sure to share a photo with me if you do!!


chocolate raspberry cream tart


Have A Sweet Day!!




For Liz’s vanilla and lemon recipes hop on over to >>> Sugar Geek Show

Chocolate raspberry cream tart




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Chocolate Raspberry Cream Tarts
A decadent Chocolate Raspberry version of the traditional, beautiful fruit & cream tart
chocolate raspberry cream tart
Course dessert
Prep Time 1 hour
Cook Time 15 minutes
Passive Time 2 hours
Chocolate Pâte Sablée
Chocolate Diplomat Cream
Dark Chocolate Raspberry Ganache
Course dessert
Prep Time 1 hour
Cook Time 15 minutes
Passive Time 2 hours
Chocolate Pâte Sablée
Chocolate Diplomat Cream
Dark Chocolate Raspberry Ganache
chocolate raspberry cream tart
Chocolate Pâte Sablée Instructions
  1. In a bowl, whisk together the AP flour, almond flour, cocoa powder and salt. Set aside
  2. Beat the butter and powdered sugar in the bowl of a stand mixer with the paddle attachment until light and fluffy
  3. Beat in the egg & yolk one at a time. Mixing until they are completely combined before adding the next. Scrape the bowl several times.
  4. With the mixer on low speed, beat in the flour mixture just until the dough comes together and there is no more visible flour. Like most batters and doughs, be careful not to overmix. The dough should be able to be pressed together between your fingertips and hold when done. If the dough appears dry or doesn't hold together at this point, lightly mix in up to 1 tablespoon cream or milk.
  5. Chill the dough before rolling: Dump the contents of the mixer bowl on a piece of plastic wrap. Gather the dough together and press it into a round disk. This will make rolling it out into a circle easier. Wrap in plastic wrap, and chill for at least 1 hour, or up to 2 days.
  6. When ready to roll, remove the dough from fridge and let soften on the counter. Now the butter in the dough has chilled and firmed up enough to hold together when you roll it, but it's probably actually a bit too firm. Let it warm up on the counter just enough so it's still cool to the touch, but starting to feel pliable.
  7. Roll the dough out to 1/8" thick on a piece of parchment paper. Use a template to cut your desired shape
  8. Transfer parchment paper with your shape to a cookie sheet and chill in freezer for 10 minutes before baking
  9. Bake at 350 for 10- 13 minutes
  10. Cool completely before assembling tart
Chocolate Diplomat Cream
  1. In medium sauce pan and bring milk to a simmer
  2. Beat egg yolks, granulated sugar, flour and cornstarch in medium bowl on high speed until thick and pale yellow, about 2 minutes
  3. Gradually pour about one third of the hot milk into the egg mixture, whisking to combine. Scrape the egg mixture back into the pan and cook over medium low heat, whisking constantly and scraping bottom and corners of pan to prevent scorching, until custard is thickened and beginning to bubble. Then continue to cook, whisking, for about 45 to 60 seconds.
  4. Remove from heat and which in chocolate and vanilla bean paste until the chocolate is completely melted
  5. Using clean spatula, scrape the custard into a clean bowl.
  6. Cover the surface with a piece of parchment paper, let cool then refrigerate until completely cold
  7. Make the chocolate whipped cream. Dissolve the gelatin in the water and let sit for 5 minutes. Melt in microwave for 15 seconds. Let cool to 80F
  8. In a small bowl sift together cocoa powder and powdered sugar
  9. In a separate small bowl, start whipping the heavy cream with a hand mixer on low.
  10. Just as the cream starts to thicken add the sugar/cocoa mixture and the vanilla
  11. Mix until combined
  12. drizzle in your cooled gelatin
  13. Continue whipping on high until it becomes thick. Be careful not to over whip! You will end up with chocolate butter
  14. Once the pastry cream is completely cold fold in the chocolate whipped cream
  15. Put into a large piping fitted with a #2 wilton tip
Dark chocolate Raspberry Ganache
  1. Heat heavy cream in microwave until boiling, about 1 minute
  2. Add boiling heavy cream to chocolate and let sit 5 minutes
  3. Whisk to combine. If chocolate is not fully melted, heat in microwave for 10 second intervals whisking in between until smooth and fully combined
  4. Add freeze dried raspberry powder and mix well
  5. You will also need a batch of fresh Raspberry compote. See link to recipe in notes below
Assembling Tart
  1. Secure 1 layer of tart crust to a plate with a bit of the ganache (it should be soft and spreadable)
  2. Spread a nice layer of the ganache then a nice layer of the raspberry compote
  3. Pipe concentric dots of the diplomat cream over the whole surface
  4. Gently place the second tart crust on top and repeat the above steps
  5. Add your Flowers, treats and fruit
  6. Keep refrigerated and enjoy within 2 days. Best if eaten the same day.
Recipe Notes

Link to Chocolate Whipped Cream recipe Link to Fresh Fruit Compote Recipe Get freeze dried raspberries <<< Here

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  1. Thank you for sharing the recipe and DIY for your beautiful cake 🙂

  2. You’re welcome Nanna! I hope you get to enjoy on e of your own 😀

  3. Jean Spilker

    Oh my goodness – these beautiful tarts have been popping up everywhere and this is the very first tutorial or even description I have seen. Bless you!!!

  4. Excelente tutorial. Thank you so much for sharing. Bless you!

  5. Hi, I am going to attempt this today. After reading the recipe, I am confused on #4 in the diplomat cream instructions. Am I adding the chocolate and vanilla to the mixture? Thank you

  6. I was just going to make a chocolate version of Sugar Geek Show’s recipe too!! Thanks for sharing your recipe! Can’t wait to make a mini one for my Valentine!

  7. I am thinking of maligning this for our anniversary on Valentine’s Day but the one thing I can’t seem to find is approx. how big your letter, number, shape (I would like to do a heart as well) should be to fit on the amount of dough the recipe makes. Can I know the demensions of your heart shape, please?
    And THANK YOU for the skewer trick, totally using that for this and shortbread turtle cookies at Christmas time!

  8. Hi Shani I am allergic to almonds. How can I change the recipe to accomodate that

    • Hi Gerda. You can omit the almond flour and replace it with another nut flour like hazelnut or pistachio or just more all purpose flour. Happy baking!

  9. Wow, this is stunning! Not normally much of a baker, but after reading this, I had to subscribe! So looking forward to making this 🙂

    • Wonderful! Thank you Maria, Welcome to my sweet adventures ?. I would love for you to share a photo when you make a cream tart!

  10. Yuridia Rivera

    Beautiful, thanks for sharing, Can I know the demensions of your heart shape, please? and if you have the heart template, can you sharing too? thank you!!

    • Hi Yuridia. My heart was about 10 inches. I don’t have a template as I just cut mine out by hand from a piece of poster board. It’s super quick and easy to do and you can custom shape your heart that way ?

  11. Beautiful! I’m curious how these cut though. Does the diplomat cream stay put when sliced or does it squish out from the weight of the dough and toppings as you slice? My thinking is that this is meant to be displayed, say at a gathering or party. So if it’s been sitting at room temperature for an hour or so, won’t the filling soften to the point where it will not keep its integrity when you slice it? Thank you for answering!

    • It surprisingly stays together pretty well! It’s a little crunchy when you cut it but my kids actually just picked up there pieces and ate them with their hands, lol!

  12. I’m looking forward to having my way with this new trend. Your tart looks like a work of art and thanks for all of the pictures.

  13. Thank you Sandra! I’d love to see your version. Please share when you are done 😀

  14. What la the price??

  15. Heather Ashby

    I used your recipe and followed exactly. Everything turned out perfect. I used a cross with an Easter theme. Thank you for posting and having such easy directions! Here is the link for the picture I posted to Facebook. I could not figure out any other way to share with you.

  16. Teresa Shakouri

    Hi Shani….
    This will be a silly question but if the bases are a form of a cookie how do you serve it? do you end up breaking it to serve or is it soft enough that you can cut it?

  17. Hi. This looks delicious and beautiful. I want to make it for my mom’s 70th birthday. But I’m still not sure the colors of the party so I might do your chocolate version or the vanilla one, the problem is that the link to the vanilla recipe does not work. Could you please share that recipe. Thanks again!

  18. HI
    I am gearing up to make the chocolate raspberry but I didn’t understand where the chocolate whipped cream gets used.

    • Hi Anna! It is mixed with the chocolate pastry cream which makes what’s called a diplomat cream. It’s so delicious! Happy baking!

  19. Hi shani

  20. I tried your recipe this weekend…followed your recipe to the T… and WOW. it was a HIT!!…..Death by chocolate! But this has gotten me into big trouble. I made this for my sis younger than me (we are 4 sisters). Now the other 2 said they’re sooo excited, they cant wait to see what im making for their birthdays! ? how do i upload my pic to show u my creation/version of your tart?

    • Yay Fairuz I am so happy to hear that! They are truest delicious. Sounds like you will be making a few more! There isn’t a way to upload a photo to my blog but if you post a photo on social media you can tag my business page and I can see it that way. I would love to! Tag Shani’s Sweet Creations on Facebook and @ShanisSweetArt on instagram. Happy baking!

  21. Will tag you now…?

  22. Hello! Can you please tell me the quantity of flour, almond flour, powdered sugar and butter in grams? Or how much milliliters is your tea cup?

  23. Fatima Martins

    wow just beautiful can’t wait to bake my own this weekend!!

  24. HELLO Shani! I made this beautiful tart! Everything cameout perfect except the gelatin part!( i fallowed precisely your instraction, and when sprincle gelatin into a cream and mixed it, it didn’t blend in, but hardened up into long strings!((( since the temperature of gelatin was 80F and the cream was cool!!( i was dewastated had to pull out long strings of it out of the cream!( then i took another pack of gelatin and mix it fast with just few tablespoons of cream separately and then incorporated with rest of the cream!! What did i do wrong the first time? I followed your instructions precisely!!
    One more question about decoration! I used home made merengue to decorate, and in few hours the merengue became extremely soft and soggy!(((( and i see people sell it with merenge, and it keeps dry?? Any suggestions? Thank you!!
    And this what i made for my daughter 12th BD

  25. How can i paste a photo??

    • Hi Margarita, I’ve never had that problem with the gelatin or ever heard of anyone else having it so I don’t know what to advise on that, sorry! The problem with the meringues is typical. They are very susceptible to moisture and will get soft and stick pretty quickly. It’s best to put them on at the last minute before serving if possible. You could also seal them with an edible spray glaze that could help. I would love to see your photos! You can share on my Facebook page or on my Instagram

  26. Hello, the gelatine is no flavor?


    Hi Shani, how may cost this beautiful?

  28. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Looked for instructions and recipes all day. Nice. Can’t wait to make this.

  29. Hi there Shani. Can you plz help me. Im looking to make this soon for my fathers bday – he is vegetarian…that means he doesnt eat eggs…wat can i substitute them for?

  30. Why why why can’t you weigh the ingredients instead of using cups. Do you have any weights for this recipe?

  31. Hey, I want to ask, if I can do it 5-6 days before my birthday?

    • Hi Alex, you can certainly prepare most of the elements that many days ahead. I would wait and do the whipped cream until the day of and then assembling the day you are serving it.

  32. Marlene Pillay

    Thank you for the Recipe. Works great, I added about 1/3 cup of normal whipping cream for the Diplomat as the double thick cream in South Africa is extra extra thick ;). Adjusted the Gelatin to 1.5tsp and added a little more water. A certain hit among friends and family.

  33. Tiffany Hamilton

    Hello! This looks wonderful and will be making it for a 28th birthday! When you roll out the dough, do you cut it is two sections beforehand for each layer? Or does it roll out wide enough without cutting the dough ball for two numbers (yours are hearts) to fit? Also approximately what size were your hearts templates?

    Thank you!

    • Yes I split my dough in half before rolling it out. The batch made the two hearts. They are about 11 inches by 9 inches.

  34. Tiffany Hamilton

    I’m confused on the Diplomat Cream. You make the 1st portion and have it get completely cold in the fridge (steps 1-6). And then you make the whipped cream (step7) from the link in your notes and then make an additional whipped cream with steps 8-14 with the gelatin? And then mix all 3 portions togethers? Would you please explain the diplomat cream please??

    • Hi Tiffany. You only need one batch of chocolate whipped cream. The one in the recipe adds the gelatin as a stabilizer. It can be done with my regular chocolate whipped cream recipe too if you don’t have the gelatin.

  35. Gotta say I’m super unhappy about this. Its damn near midnight. Followed this to the T. Went to roll it out and it was super hard, and crumbled. I needed this done before I go to bed. And now i get to wait up longer. Won’t be recommending this

    • you need to let the dough warm up a bit if it’s too hard to roll. Different brands of cocoa powder will make the dough a different consistency as well. You can use less cocoa powder to hopefully help that problem.

  36. Oh my I can’t wait to try this

  37. Hi there, just wondering whether the “biscuits “ shrink when cooked? I’m about to start on this for my besties 50th so want to make sure it’s big enough for 35 guests (no pressure!!). Thanks in advance

  38. Hi Shani,
    I’ve made this today but the gelatine didn’t mix well with the cream and it’s lumpy. I didn’t realise until I mixed it with the custard. I’ve put it through a sieve, but it looks a little runny. Is there a way to thicken it up now?

  39. This looks amazing! Can I make this dairy free? I thought about using coconut milk instead of whole milk but then I see you add heavy cream? Not sure if anyone’s tried changing it to DF.

    • Hi Gina, I haven’t tried to do this dairy free. You can sub the coconut milk for the whole milk and I often sun coconut cream for heavy cream. If you try it let me know how it works!

  40. About how large was this in inches?

  41. How do you read comments? I’m not seeing a link for them, just the total number and a box to make a comment.

  42. I just made the shortcrust pastry and it was quite dry so I had to add 1 tbsp cream like you suggested. I wonder if it would be better to start with 3/4 C butter instead of 1/2 C?

    • I think the dryness depends a bit on the brand of cocoa powder you use. You can cut down on the cocoa powder a bit and increase the butter as well.

  43. Hi what else could i use instead of the chocolate diplomat cream?

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