stargazer lily sugar flower tutorial

Stargazer Lily Tutorial, Free Gift!


Guess what?!

I have a little gift for all my sweet friends who subscribe to my newsletter! It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally done!

Stargazer Lily Tutorial

stargazer lily sugar flower tutorial

So if you have been following my blog or my Facebook page for long you have probably guessed that I have a serious love affair with sugar flowers.

Sugar flowers are what got me started on my cake decorating journey.

I came across Jacquline Butler’s first Craftsy class when Craftsy was still a baby. They only had like 3 cake decorating tutorials at that point!

I was immediately intrigued and bought the class and a few of the necessary tools to make sugar flowers. And that was it for me, I was all in on this cake decorating thing.

That’s why I decided to create this particular tutorial as a free gift when people subscribe to my blog, In the hopes that I will inspire someone like Jacquline inspired me.

stargazer lily sugar flower tutorial

So if you sign up for my newsletter, not only will you be the first to know when I post new tutorials and recipes, you will also be getting this sweet little tutorial on how to make these beautiful sugar Stargazer Lilies! Win win, right?!

When you subscribe you will get an email with a link will take you to the Tutorial PDF that you can download.  The PDF contains a link to the video tutorial (hosted over on Vimeo) and the password you will need to access it, along with tools and materials lists and links to my preferred products.

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Join the Sweet Fun!


I hope you will join my sweet adventures!  And I would LOVE for you to share your lilies with me when you create them! You can share on my Facebook page Shani’s Sweet Creations or in a comment here on this post.  Even if you don’t make the lilies I would LOVE to hear from you!  Stop by and say hi any time!

Oh and if you are in love with sugar flowers like I am, I have another FREE sugar flower tutorial you should check out right here  >>>  Quick and Easy Sugar Rose Tutorial

Easy sugar rose tutorial


Have A Sweet Day!

PS: remember this is a gift just for my subscribers!  Please do not copy, share or distribute the PDF anywhere or to anyone.  Thank you!

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