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cake tastings why you should charge

Cake Tastings – Why You Should Be Charging For Them

Wedding Cake Tastings – Why You Should Be Charging For Them   Hey sweet friends!   I hope you are all staying warm and dry.  I’m cozied up on my couch on this wet and blustery Sunday.  It’s actually my birthday today and the thing I really was looking forward to […]

Cake decorating tools

5 Must Have Cake Decorating Tools

I want to tell you about some cake decorating tools I’m kicking myself that I didn’t buy sooner. I guess I am a minimalist when it comes to cake decorating tools.  Well, I am addicted to cake tool shopping as much as the next caker (I feel like a dragon […]

How to do a wedding cake tasting - tutorial

Wedding Cake Tasting Tutorial

Wedding Cake Tastings ~ Beautiful, Professional and Portable     When I first started to do wedding cakes I immediately had brides asking for tastings.  I had a hard time finding much information online on how to actually prepare and set up a tasting and consult.  Since I am a cottage […]

cutting parchment circles for cake pans

Parchment Circles Hack ~ Shani’s Tips & Tricks

Parchment Circles Hack Coming Your Way! Ok confession time.  You know those pesky parchment circles for the bottom of your cake pans?  For some weird reason I have an aversion to cutting those out.  Weird.  I know.  But there are some things in life that just hit the wrong note […]