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Light & Fluffy Spiced Sponge Cake Recipe

Hey sweet friends! Are you about ready for fall to kick in yet?   Because I decided to start rolling out some of my favorite fall recipes.  I know, I know, it’s still August.  But I just can’t wait for the wonderful spices and flavors that are traditional to fall […]

carrot cake recipe - rich, moist & flavorful

Carrot Cake Recipe – Super Rich, Moist and Flavorful

Confession time.  I’m Kind of a Carrot Cake and Cream Cheese Frosting snob. To me, the best carrot cake is dense & rich with tons of delicious bits and texture.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind those light, fluffy versions,  but I crave the dark, flavorful version full of […]

cappuccino cake recipe

Rich, Decadent Cappuccino Cake

Hello all my coffee worshiping friends! What’s better than a steamy, frothy cup of cappuccino on a chilly fall afternoon?  A steamy, frothy cup of cappuccino WITH a slice of my fluffy, rich, decadent cappuccino cake of course!   If you’re like me and really want to go all out […]

Adorable mini cakes how-to

Adorable Mini Cakes AND Some of My Favorite Tips & Tricks

OK peeps, let’s make some adorable mini cakes! I made a whole bunch of these cuties for a Pop-Up Holiday Sweet Shoppe I had right before Christmas and they were a huge hit!  Well duh!  Who wouldn’t LOVE to get one of these beautiful little mini cakes piled high with sweet […]

Cover banner Shani's Sweet Art

Introducing Shani’s Sweet Art – By Shani Christenson

 OK here I go!  I finally decided it was time to jump into this whole blogging thing (for real).  Hmm, so where to start?  I guess I should start from the beginning and give you a little background on how I got here.  “Here” being a professional cake decorator (and […]