How to do a wedding cake tasting - tutorial

Wedding Cake Tasting Tutorial


Wedding Cake Tastings ~ Beautiful, Professional and Portable

    When I first started to do wedding cakes I immediately had brides asking for tastings.  I had a hard time finding much information online on how to actually prepare and set up a tasting and consult.  Since I am a cottage bakery and I don’t have a storefront I can’t just give my couples a few slices of cake or some cupcakes out of the bakery case that are already prepared. I searched but just didn’t find any tutorials or How To’s that really helped me.

So I used to struggle to fit wedding cake tasting in to my schedule because in the beginning I baked fresh for every single one.   Do you do that?  It takes so much time out of your schedule that you could be spending on paying orders!

So over the years I have developed a method that I find is much more time and cost efficient.  As well as being a beautiful and professional presentation.  This will be particularly helpful to those of you who run a cottage business out of your home but don’t want to conduct tastings in your home ~ BECAUSE IT”S EASILY PORTABLE!  Let me show you a professional and efficient way to put together a beautiful and portable tasting.  There are links at the bottom to the various equipment I use in the video tutorial, be sure to check them out.  They make this process a cinch!

Wedding Cake Tasting Tutorial



One thing I neglected say in the video is to put your wrapped cake slices in the fridge or freezer for an hour before sealing them into the packets.  This will help the cake not get squished when you vacuum seal them.



 Rectangular Plate                  Serving Platters


  1. Lenneke Driskill

    Hi there. Thank you for your AWESOME site. I just discovered it and have thoroughly enjoyed what I’ve watched so far. I had a quick question that I’m afraid I missed in your wedding tasting video. How long are you able to freeze your cakes and fillings and f rostings before you notice flavor changes? Thanks so much for your time.

    • Hello Lenneke, thank you so much for joining me! I am so glad you are enjoying everything 😀 I normally make enough to last about 3 months at a time. If you package the tastings properly they should last even longer than that. I personally like to use them up before 3 months though. Happy caking!

  2. I don’t know if you will answer this here but do you charge for your tastings? I am also a home baker and found I had to hike it to $50 to weed out the ‘free cake’ people. And I don’t take it off of the balance anymore. I stopped doing them for awhile but this is a much better and economical way to do them. Thank you!

    • Hi Colleen, I’m glad this was helpful for you. Yes I do charge $40 for my tastings and I also do not take it off of the balance. Like you said, it weeds out the people looking for free cake and also the no-shows.

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